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D1- SR 160 - The next blasting along State Route 160 near Mt. Potosi Road is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 11. The highway will be closed at 12:45 p.m. Please expect delays of up to two hours.
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V_and_T_Sheet_01 V_and_T_Sheet_01A V_and_T_Sheet_P14 V_and_T_Sheet_01B V_and_T_Sheet_02 V_and_T_Sheet_01C V_and_T_Sheet_P13 V_and_T_Sheet_P12 V_and_T_Sheet_03 V_and_T_Sheet_03A V_and_T_Sheet_04 V_and_T_Sheet_P11 V_and_T_Sheet_05 V_and_T_Sheet_P10 V_and_T_Sheet_06 V_and_T_Sheet_06A V_and_T_Sheet_06B V_and_T_Sheet_07 V_and_T_Sheet_08 V_and_T_Sheet_09 V_and_T_Sheet_10 V_and_T_Sheet_10A V_and_T_Sheet_11 V_and_T_Sheet_12 V_and_T_Sheet_13 V_and_T_Sheet_14 V_and_T_Sheet_15 V_and_T_Sheet_16 V_and_T_Sheet_17 V_and_T_Sheet_18 V_and_T_Sheet_18A V_and_T_Sheet_18B