An alert icon to notify website visitors about immediate transportation newsD1: SR-160 Blasting near Mt Potosi on Tuesday, January 22nd at 12:45 pm - expect up to a two hour delay from Cottonwood Pass Road to Pahrump Road in Clark County Nevada. 

Road Closed (Road Hazard, Water on Roadway) - on SR-322/Eagle Valley Road in both directions between milepost 16 to milepost 18 in Lincoln County Nevada. Use caution in the area.

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Work Zone Driving Safety

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brake_logo_smWork zone crashes claim three lives every day in the U.S. 

Providing safe highways for not only motorists, but for highway workers whose lives are on the line every day, is the top priority of the Nevada Department of Transportation. 

Work zones are there to improve the roads that we all drive on. They are no place for impatient or aggressive driving. The signs and other directions given at work zones are intended to get you, your family and other motorists around you to your destination safely. So, when approaching a work zone, remember to slow down and follow all the important safety tips and information in the links in the menus to the right and left. Your life-and ours-depend on it! 

Double Penalty in Work Zones!

Nevada Revised Statute 484.3667 doubles the penalty for speeding, up to $1,000, in any marked road construction or maintenance work zone when workers are present.

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