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Exit Numbers on Interstate 580

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A photo of Interstate 580 Northbound at Exit 65Through the end of 2019, the Nevada Department of Transportation will change exit numbers on Interstate 580 from South Carson Street in Carson City to the Reno spaghetti bowl, per federal requirements.

Why the change?

The federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices ensures that freeway signs and mileposts are consistent nationwide to covey a clear message and help guide, warn and regulate traffic. Federal guidelines require interstate exit numbers to reflect mileage specific to that corridor. Current I-580 exit numbers reflect U.S. 395 mileage beginning at the Nevada-California state line near Topaz Lake. Now that the I-580 connection from the Reno spaghetti bowl to south Carson City is complete and supersedes the previous U.S. 395 designation, exit numbers are being changed to reflect interstate mileage beginning at the I-580 junction with south Carson Street and ending at the Reno spaghetti bowl.

What is changing?

Small exit number sign panels at the top of overhead signs will be replaced, as well as roadside exit number signs at each exit.

The previous exit numbers ranged from 38 to 68B, and will be replaced with new, lower exit numbers corresponding with roadway mileage, beginning at the southern end of the I-580 Carson City Freeway and progressing north to the Reno spaghetti bowl.

Map of new exit numbers

Click here for a listing of new exit numbers.


Drivers in Carson City will see the exit numbers begin to change in the summer of 2019. I-580 exit numbers from Washoe Valley to the Reno spaghetti bowl are anticipated to be changed beginning in fall 2019.

Be prepared!

  • Electronic roadside signs will be placed during exit number sign changes to alert drivers of the change.
  • NDOT encourages all businesses to prepare to update any advertising, mapping or other logistics featuring the soon-to-be-outdated I-580 exit numbers.
  • First responders will be alerted prior to specific exit number changes.