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> New US-95/I-15 High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, including the Spaghetti Bowl flyover, Opened in Las Vegas on May 20th. {Click for HOV Do’s & Don’ts}

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Heavy Traffic Congestion shown on US 95 in Las Vegas


$1.6 Billion: Value of lost time and fuel due to congestion

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Nevada is charging ahead of other states in advancing mobility-related technology. In 2011, they were the first state to authorize autonomous vehicle testing and operation, and required the Department of Motor Vehicles to create related regulations. We are a state of “firsts” in this realm.

Autonomous Vehicle License PlateFirsts:

  • To issue an AV restricted driver’s license
  • To create AV regulations for testing and consumer deployment
  • To create an AV testing program
  • To license a company for AV testing (Google)
  • To license a commercial vehicle for testing

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