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D1- SR 160 - The next blasting along State Route 160 near Mt. Potosi Road is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 11. The highway will be closed at 12:45 p.m. Please expect delays of up to two hours.
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Additional Statewide Construction Projects

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Interstate 15 Widening (Craig Road to Speedway Boulevard) Las Vegas

IMG_0238NDOT is making a $33.8 million 4.8-mile-long widening of Interstate 15 between Craig Road (S.R. 573) and Speedway Boulevard (Mile Markers 48.43 to 53.62) in North Las Vegas. The project will expand the highway from four to six travel lanes, plus install new lighting, signage and landscaping featuring weathered steel art sculptures. Other work calls for drainage improvements as well as widening and seismic upgrades to four overpass structures at Range Road and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. Las Vegas Paving is the general contractor. Construction will take place during daytime and nighttime hours, with at least two lanes of traffic remaining open at all times in each direction during peak use hours. The interstate currently sees 41,600 vehicles daily; however, that figure is expected to increase 71 percent by 2033. The project began construction in August 2016 and its anticipated completion is the third quarter of 2018.

Tropicana Avenue Overlay, Las Vegas

NDOT has finished its $7.7 million mill and overlay on Tropicana Avenue between Eastern Avenue and Boulder Highway. The department will kick off the second phase of Tropicana improvements in early 2018. That work will include new curbs, sidewalks, medians and ADA accessibility. 

Las Vegas Boulevard Upgrade, North Las Vegas



A $17.3 million upgrade to Las Vegas Boulevard between Carey Avenue to just north of Craig Road. The 4.6-mile-long project is underway and will include new concrete bus lanes, improve medians and place new curbs, gutters and sidewalks. The project is anticipated to be completed in January 2018.

North Valleys (U.S. 395) Enhanced Driver Information System, Reno

US395 ITS Project-1The Nevada Department of Transportation has launched a project to install enhanced roadway signage, ramp meters, wrong-way driver detection systems and more to help improve traffic safety and mobility on U.S. 395 in the North Valleys. View the project map here.

Through early 2018, drivers can expect periodic lane, ramp and roadway shoulder closures on U.S. 395 from the spaghetti bowl north to the Nevada-California state line.

Ramp Meters- Ramp meters will be installed on U.S. 395 ramps at Oddie Boulevard, North McCarran Boulevard, Clearacre Lane and Lemmon Drive. Ramp meters are traffic signals placed at the top of certain freeway on-ramps, to help reduce congestion and enhance safety by more evenly metering the flow of traffic merging onto freeways.

Wrong Way Driver Detection Systems – NDOT currently places “Wrong Way” signs on all freeway ramps to notify drivers errantly trying to enter the freeway in the wrong direction. Additional flashing warning signals and detection systems will be added to U.S. 395 on-ramps in the North Valleys as a highly-visible and additional indication to help stop drivers from entering the wrong way; ultimately enhancing freeway safety.

Travel Time Signs- Roadside travel time signs provide current travel times for drivers to reach key locations such as off-ramps. By knowing the travel time, drivers can make informed decisions, such as if they wish to take another route to most efficiently reach their destination.

Traffic Cameras- By providing nearly up-to-the-second views of travel conditions, traffic cameras help drivers to make travel decisions, such as which route they will take and what time they will leave, before departing for their destination. They also help drivers be prepared for any potential weather conditions prior to driving.

Additional electronic freeway signs and roadway weather reporting stations will also be included.

Through the next five years, NDOT also plans to enhance and extend the Clear Acre Lane to southbound U.S. 395 ramp, as well as repave U.S. 395 between McCarran Boulevard and Lemmon Drive and add one additional southbound lane on U.S. 395. In addition, NDOT is developing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) improvements for Interstate 80, including digital signs that will display variable speed limits associated with real-time traffic conditions.


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