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NEPA ProcessI-15 Tropicana Feasibility Study

Through the NEPA Process, alternatives are evaluated to meet the project’s Purpose and Need. Overall, the process will include:

  1. Establishing the project’s Purpose and Need.
  2. Examine the range of alternatives and evaluate recommendations of previous studies to identify one or more alternatives for detailed environmental study. A no-action alternative will also be evaluated.
  3. Inventory existing environmental conditions and resources including:
    • Access
    • Air Quality
    • Archaeology
    • Environmental Justice
    • Geology
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Historic Properties
    • Public Parks and Recreation Areas
    • Safety
    • Socioeconomic Considerations
    • Traffic Noise
    • Visual Resources
    • Water Quality and Hydrology
    • Wildlife
  4. Document potential project impacts and expected mitigation measures.
  5. Document public and agency involvement


NDOT and FHWA are currently preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for this project. As currently scheduled, the key milestones and dates are:

  • Complete Environmental Assessment (EA) (Early 2019)
  • Public review of EA (Early 2019)
  • Public Hearing (Mid 2019)
  • Approval of Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (Mid 2019)

If significant impacts are identified, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be required and undertaken at that time.