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I-515 Alternative Development Study

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Picture1The I-515 Alternatives Development Study was initiated by NDOT in October 2015 to identify short-term operational and safety improvements on U.S. 95 and I-515 in the Las Vegas area.  The study area for this project extends from I-15 to Charleston Boulevard Interchange on I-515.

To learn more about the I-515 Alternatives Development Study, please download our new FACT SHEET.


Preliminary I-515 Southband Lane Drop Elimination & Auxiliary Lane Renderings

A rendering of the preliminary I-515 Southband Lane Drop Elimination and Auxiliary Lane

To learn more about the I-515 Auxiliary Lane and Viaduct Rehabilitation Project, please download this FACT SHEET

To view additional renderings for the I-515 Alternatives Development Study, click to view the PDF here.


NDOT is advancing one of the projects identified in the Study to the final design stage following NEPA documentation:

  • Southbound Lane Drop Elimination at the I-15 Underpass; providing a full southbound auxiliary lane to Eastern Avenue (restriping with reduced shoulders to Eastern Avenue)

Note that the proposed southbound auxiliary lane (SB Auxiliary Lane Project) would be extended to the Charleston Boulevard exit (as envisioned in the Study) through a separate project: the I-515 Charleston Boulevard Interchange Environmental Assessment.  Additionally, the SB Auxiliary Lane Project advancing to the final design stage has been refined through the project development process to eliminate widening the existing viaduct/bridge structure. NEPA documentation of this SB Auxiliary Lane Project is at an advanced stage and nearing completion.

A second project, the City Parkway Southbound Ramp, is being reevaluated for feasibility under a revised configuration. The initial configuration, as proposed by the Study, was not approvable and a more ambitious approvable/acceptable configuration is being investigated.


In 2016, NDOT concurred with Jacobs Engineering Group’s recommendations to advance several projects for further development and benefit-cost analysis. The projects to be advanced, listed below in no particular order, were:

  • City Parkway SB Ramp
  • Las Vegas Blvd & Casino Center Blvd Interchange Improvements
  • Eastern Ave Interchange Improvements (including one-way frontage road, Eastern to Mojave)
  • SB Lane Drop Elimination at I-15 Underpass; providing full SB auxiliary lane to Charleston (partial widening downtown/striping with reduced shoulders to Charleston)
  • Pecos Road Roundabout Interchange
  • Braided Ramps/CD Road from Las Vegas Blvd to I-15 in NB direction

 Also, the following projects were considered for incorporation within the above listed projects:

  • I-515 Viaduct Replacement (Structure G-947-Las Vegas Blvd to I-15)
  • I-515 Viaduct Rehabilitation/Widening (Structure I-947-Las Vegas Blvd to Eastern Avenue)

The Concept Report has been completed and the NEPA documentation of the City Parkway southbound ramp is currently in progress. To review the Concept Report, click here.

Since the Concept Report was prepared, two projects were advanced to project development and NEPA documentation in the year 2018: The City Parkway Southbound Ramp and the Southbound Auxiliary Lane. Of these two projects, the Southbound Auxiliary lane project is currently expected to advance to the final design stage.

Purpose, Need and Goals

The purpose of the I-515 study is to improve traffic flow and safety on I-515 between I-15 (Spaghetti Bowl) and Charleston Boulevard by implementing near-term and cost-effective transportation improvements.  This area currently experiences impaired traffic flow resulting from high traffic volumes, geometry, and incidents. Furthermore, I-515 experiences higher than expected crashes. 

The goal for the study is to identify near-term improvements on I-515 that:

  • Improve mobility and safety
  • Improve access to downtown Las Vegas
  • Improve mobility during special events
  • Minimize right-of-way acquisition
  • Minimize environmental impacts
  • Maintain or improve multimodal connections
  • Do not preclude long-term improvements   
  • Enhance mobility during special events
  • Maintain/improve multimodal connections for buses, pedestrians and bicyclists    


Conceptual exhibits were completed for the top projects identified during this study (see the Concept Report). The Southbound Auxiliary Lane project is currently advancing to the final design stage and is anticipated to be ready for construction in late 2019.


Sept 2018 updated timeline