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Keep Nevada Moving

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Goals of the Pioneer Program

  • Keep Nevada competitive and moving
  • Enhance Nevada‚Äôs standard of living and economic vitality by increasing mobility for commuters, visitors, transit, and economic commerce
  • Reduce congestion on heavily-traveled Nevada transportation corridors
  • Deliver projects faster and with greater cost certainty throughout the state, thus promoting rural economies and job-boosting development
  • Improve safety by unlocking gridlocked roadways
  • Improve air quality by reducing the number of idling vehicles stuck in traffic
  • Enhance express transit, vanpool, and rideshare opportunities in applicable areas

The Pioneer Program represents a concerted effort by the Department to lead the way in the incorporation of innovation in transportation project delivery.  Through the Pioneer Program, the Department will explore various contracting methods, technologies, business practices, and financing mechanisms to meet Nevada's needs.  The particular focus of the Pioneer Program will be to vet opportunities for and implementation of desirable unsolicited or solicited proposals for the various alternative delivery methods.

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) Chapter 408, the Department currently has the authority to use the following delivery methods for design and construction of transportation projects: DBB, DB, DBF and unsolicited proposals.  Pursuant to NRS Chapter 338, the Department also has authority to use the CMAR delivery method through June 30, 2021, after which new legislation would need to be provided to continue use of the CMAR delivery method. The solicited PPP delivery method is not yet legislatively-approved but may be authorized in the future.

The Pioneer Program will focus on identifying and utilizing alternative innovative project delivery methods.  Other project delivery methods that may be considered by the Pioneer Program in the future depend on the passage of enabling legislation.

Please note that guidelines are currently being updated. Please contact NDOT for additional information.