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Interstate 515/215 Re-Striping Project

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Project Description

In an effort to reduce congestion from I-515 (US 95) southbound to I-215 westbound, NDOT is embarking on a short-term project aimed at moving traffic smoothly and safely through the interchange. The existing congestion is caused by vehicles entering I-515 south from Auto Show Drive weaving with motorists attempting to exit I-515 to westbound I-215.

Further congestion occurs when motorists entering I-215 west are fed into an exit-only lane at Gibson Road. 

In September 2018, NDOT will begin re-striping lanes along both interstates within the interchange. New striping will significantly affect how motorists negotiate the interchange. Most notably:

  • Drivers heading southbound on I-515 to westbound I-215 will take the Lake Mead Parkway eastbound exit north of Auto Show Drive. At that point, two lanes -- separated by barrier walls from I-515 traffic -- will guide motorists to I-215 west. 
  • The Gibson Road exit from I-215 will no longer be a designated exit-only lane, alleviating the need for I-515 motorists to merge left upon entering I-215 west. 
  • Lake Mead Parkway motorists traveling to I-215 west will see the on-ramp reduced from two lanes to one lane and will no longer have access to the Gibson Road off-ramp. 

Benefits of Re-StripingI-515.215 image website

The goal is to improve safety and mobility for southbound I-515 and westbound I-215 as well as the ramp connecting the two freeways.


The project began in September 2018. 

The anticipated completion date is the end of 2018.

Project Video

Click the video above to play on this page, or watch the I-515/215 Interchange video on YouTube.

A screenshot of the I-515/215 Beltway Lane Re-Striping project virtual tour

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the project is available online. Click the image to the right, or visit the virtual tour page online 

Public Meeting Power Point Presentation

Public Meeting Handout 515 215 Restripe

Contact Information 

Contact NDOT Roadway Designer Jesse Smithson, PE, at for additional information.