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I-15/CC-215 Northern Beltway Interchange

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Project Description

Phase 4 of the I-15 North Corridor consists of designing new ramps, flyovers and street connections to complete a system-to-system interchange configuration where the northern I-15 meets the Clark County 215 Las Vegas Beltway.

The project also includes the addition of I-15 southbound ramps for the Tropical Parkway interchange. The Tropical Parkway interchange will use the existing I-15 northbound ramps as modified to work in concert with new flyover ramps for the I-15/CC-215 interchange. The project will construct sections of Centennial Parkway and Tropical Parkway to provide needed connections.


I-15N P4 Northbound 1 I-15_215_Interchange_NLV_(NorthernView)

The images above are preliminary designs of the completed project. 

Landscape & Aesthetics

Lage Design is the landscape architect responsible for the striking new freeway aesthetics made up of boulders and decorative rock, accented by boldly colorful polygonal roadside sculptures that convey the characteristics of water and its impact upon shaping both the natural and built environments.

I-15N P4 Northbound 2I-15N P4 Northbound 4

I-15N P4 Southbound 2



The images above are preliminary designs of the completed project. 

What Are We Doing?

  • Constructing new direct connect ramps between I-15 and Clark County 215 (Las Vegas Beltway) interchange
  • Building I-15 southbound ramps and reconstructing I-15 northbound ramps for the I-15 and Tropical Parkway interchange
  • Reconfiguring local streets to improve traffic flow around the interchange
  • Providing landscape and aesthetic enhancements

                          Existing Alignment                                                                         Future Plans                                                       

18-0704 8-5x11 EXHIBIT








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Project Benefits

  • Improve safety
  • Improve travel time reliability
  • Improve access to areas planned for development in North Las Vegas
  • Improve operations with a full freeway-to-freeway connectivity

Dec. 4 Public Meeting Materials


  • Total project: Between $123 and $144.5 million
  • Engineering: Between $10 and $11 million
  • Right-of-Way: Between $7 and $7.5 million
  • Construction: $98,989,898.98 (Contract Awarded on 1/13/2020) 

** The federal government is providing 95 percent of the funding while the state is investing 5 percent into the project.

Contract Award

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) on January 13, 2020 awarded a $99 million construction contract to Fisher Sand & Gravel to build ramps, flyovers and street connections at Interstate 15 and the 215 Beltway in North Las Vegas. (The contractor was also responsible for completing the first section of Interstate 11 in 2018). CLICK HERE for the official contract award announcement. 


Design work on this project began in 2015 and was completed in the third quarter of 2019. NDOT anticipates starting the construction project in the second quarter of 2020 and finishing it in the first quarter of 2023.

Project Contact

Dwayne Wilkinson, PE
Nevada Department of Transportation