Gemfield Mining Project

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Introduction and Overview

The permanent relocation of a portion of US Highway 95 and adjacent utilities is required for the future construction and operation of the Gemfield Mine Project located north of Goldfield, Nevada. The maps on this page show the project location and the current and new alignments.

To minimize travel and service disruption, the existing facilities (US 95, access roads, power lines, water lines, pump house and water tank, fiber-optic lines, etc.) will remain in place and active until the new facilities are constructed and operational. Once the new facilities are constructed, they will be connected to the existing facilities at the north and south ends of the realignment with minimal impact.

Project Details and Benefits

Construction activities include:

  • Relocating US Highway 95 in partnership with NDOT
  • Relocating and upgrading the Goldfield water system in partnership with Esmeralda County
  • Relocating an NV Energy powerline and Switch fiberline
  • Relocating an AT&T Fiberline

What to Expect

  • Construction activities will employ approximately 80 workers.
  • During construction, access to Dump Road, Gemfield/Brickyard Road and other local access will be maintained using traffic control measures.
  • Existing US Hwy. 95 will remain in place and active until realignment construction is complete.
  • Traffic control measures will be used to establish tie-in at the north and south ends of the US 95 Highway project -- connecting existing US Highway 95 with the new alignment, at which time all access to the old highway segment will be precluded.

 Goldfield map 2

Anticipated Construction Schedule

Construction start: August 2019
Construction completion: April 2020


Gemfield Project Plan of Development

Groundbreaking Event- August 2, 2019

Community Event


Contact Information

Vic Peters
NDOT Project Manager

Kyle Kubovchik
Public Involvement