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Kinder-3rd Grade

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety User Guide for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Teachers

(Created 4/10/2020)

These are a list of videos about pedestrian safety when walking long streets, as well as how to cross a street. 

Pedestrian Safer Journey (Overview of Pedestrian Safety)

English Version:    (5:10)

Spanish Version:    (7:03)

(videos by the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration)



By the North Carolina Department of Transportation

The NC DOT also provides written lesson plans for all of the following videos as well as and introduction video for teachers on the following page:  

Lesson 1: Walking Safely Near Traffic   (4:02)

Lesson 2: Crossing Streets Safely   (5:15)

Lesson 3: Crossing Intersections Safely   (6:00)

Lesson 4: School Bus Safety   (4:49)

Lesson 5: Parking Lot Safety   (3:53)


Learn to Ride:

“Teach your Child to Ride” shows the basics of teaching your child how to ride a bike.

video courtesy of


Bike Safety User Guide

Created 4/10/2020

Here are a few videos about bicycling safety on streets and multi-use paths.

The first video was created for Kindergarten through 3rd grade students and has versions in English and Spanish

Getting Ready to Ride: Fitting your Helmet, Checking Your Bike, and Following the Rules of the Road:

English Version:   (5:02)

Spanish Version: Spanish version:   (6:50

(videos by the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration)