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Freight Program Project

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The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) continues to be a leader and partner in delivering effective transportation solutions for a safe and connected Nevada. The Nevada State Freight Plan (NSFP) was completed in 2016, which provides a framework to improve freight mobility to foster continued growth and economic diversification in Nevada. The NSFP proposed strategies and implementation actions that will help Nevada advance the state’s freight system to efficiently and effectively facilitate goods movement while capitalizing on related future economic opportunities.
The Freight Program Implementation Project is the next step in furthering the NSFP to start implementing the recommended actions to fulfill the state’s Freight Strategic initiatives and overarching goals and objectives to improve freight mobility and be a globally competitive Nevada. The project kicked off in February 2019 and consists of 10 total tasks to be completed over a 2-year period. 


 01- Project Management  06- Critical Freight Corridors
 02- Develop a Freight Plan Process Manual  07- Freight Investment Plan
 03- Freight Needs Assessment  08- Freight Advisory Committee
 04- Freight Research  09- Freight Plan Strategies Review
 05- Performance Reporting  10- Freight Program Framework Review


Project Documents 

The Strategies project includes a review and update to the freight related strategies identified in Table 1-4 of the    NSFP.  It summarizes the strategies and actions that NDOT and its partners will need to carry out to realize advancement of the Nevada freight system. This is a living document that will be periodically updated throughout this project. 

Contact Information

Bill Thompson
Freight Program Manager
Freight Planning Section
Nevada Department of Transportation
Telephone: 775.888.7354