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D1- SR 160 - The next blasting along State Route 160 near Mt. Potosi Road is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 14. The highway will be closed at 12:45 p.m. Please expect delays of up to two hours.
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IMG_0098(1)The Nevada Department of Transportation main goal is the safety and mobility of all Nevadans.

Our Nevada State Freight Plan facilitates efficient freight movement throughout Nevada, with the ultimate goal of providing the state with a competitive advantage that will result in a growing and diversifying economy.

Our Rail Planning section is responsible for helping ensure that Nevada's freight and passenger rail infrastructure and services address the transportation needs of the state and improve safety for the citizens of Nevada.

TrainNDOT's Aviation section is responsible for helping to ensure that Nevada's general aviation public and private use airports meet safety requirements and provide maximum utility to their communities and the flying public.

Our Bicycle and Pedestrian programs coordinate the planning and development of bicycle facilities and safe routes throughout the state as well as providing safety education programs to local communities.

And NDOT's Public Transit programs include fixed route transit, demand response para transit services, intercity bus services and daily rides for the elderly and disabled.