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Occupancy Permits

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Excludes Temporary Occupancy Permits

Permanent Encroachment/Right-of-Way

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) grants permits for permanent installations within State right-of-way and in areas maintained by the State. Installations requiring occupancy permits include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Street improvements
  • Utility installation
  • Traffic signals and related installations
  • Drainage installations
  • Landscaping, multi-use trails
  • Commercial off-site use
  • Interchanges, grade separations
  • All other special uses of a year or longer duration

An encroachment permit and an NDOT-approved traffic control plan must be secured before performing this type of work within NDOT right-of-way.

To be considered for placing an installation within State right-of-way, you will need to first submit an encroachment permit application to your local NDOT administrative offices. A fee will be required, with the amount being contingent upon the category of permit required.

A site plan rendering roadway features may be necessary, along with an advance meeting to review preliminary plans with an NDOT District Traffic Engineer. This meeting may help avoid making multiple sets of plans before construction elements are acceptable for review. A traffic study may be required, along with other items.

Upon approval of an NDOT permit, the Permittee will contact the appropriate NDOT permit office in advance of construction to activate the permit and schedule a pre-construction meeting with an NDOT inspector.

Advertising is not allowed within NDOT right-of-way.

Kindly remember that no use of State roadway is authorized until an encroachment permit has been processed and approved. The Permittee must also obtain any and all other permits that may be required by State law or local ordinance.

Please contact the offices in the area of your event to begin the permit application process:

  • Las Vegas: (702) 385-6500
  • Reno/Carson City: (775) 834-8330
  • Elko: (775) 777-2725
  • Ely: (775) 289-1706
  • Winnemucca: (775) 623-8015
  • Tonopah: (775) 482-2375