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Connecting Nevada

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After more than two years of planning, the Connecting Nevada efforts came to fruition in large part in April 2013. NDOT gathered feedback from more than 150 Nevadans representing businesses and industry, trade associations, economic development agencies, environmental groups, and federal, state, and local government entities.

Connecting Nevada Vision

The Connecting Nevada Plan is a 50-year look ahead, originating from a need to plan for Nevada’s long-term transportation needs. The Plan defines transportation goals to make our economy more competitive, enhance our quality of life, and ensure that our environment provides quality places to live for future generations. The Executive Summary details the Connecting Nevada Vision and the painstaking efforts that went into fully developing the plan.

One Nevada Transportation Plan

The One Nevada Transportation Plan is an update to Nevada’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which details plans for the next decade and beyond. To learn more about Nevada’s One Nevada Transportation Plan, visit the One NV Plan website.

Contact Us

To stay up to date on NDOT’s One Nevada Transportation Plan development, you can connect with the One NV Plan team on Facebook, on Twitter, or take a survey to provide feedback on what matters most to you!

You can also contact Tim Mueller at or 775-888-7351.