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D1 SR-160 Blasting near Mt Potosi on Tuesday, January 22nd at 12:45 pm - expect up to a two hour delay from Cottonwood Pass Road to Pahrump Road in Clark County Nevada.


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December 2018 Board Meeting Documents

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Looking for additional Transportation Board meeting resources, including meeting agendas, minutes, and documentation from past meetings? Visit the Transportation Board resources page.

Transportation Board Meetings 


Next Meeting: TBA 

The next Transportation Board of Directors meeting in 2019 has not yet been scheduled. Once the meeting has been scheduled, it will be added to the calendar below, as well as on the Public Involvement calendar

About the Transportation Board 

The Nevada Department of Transportation is overseen by a Board of Directors, chaired by the Nevada state governor. The Transportation Board meets regularly as scheduled below.

To access Transportation Board meeting resources, including meeting agendas, minutes, and documentation from past meetings, visit the Transportation Board resources page.

When Board meetings are in session, streaming video of the meetings will be available through NDOT's live-streaming video feed. To view live streaming video, click the video player image to the right during our board meetings.

Construction Working Group Meetings (CWG) are held in March, June, September, and December, approximately 45 minutes after the conclusion of the Board Meeting. These meetings are not available via live streaming video.

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