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The Nevada Department of Transportation communications group includes the public information, multimedia, customer service, public hearings, and photography sections.

NDOT communications strives to continually improve NDOT’s communication efforts by answering every inquiry or complaint promptly; being proactive in informing stakeholders and residents about upcoming road construction projects; maintaining an interactive website and social media presence; and writing newsletter stories, designing collateral, and taking photos that highlight NDOT’s wide range of activities.

Public Information

The communications staff includes several public information officers, in northern Nevada and southern Nevada, that maintain the NDOT website and social media, coordinate NDOT’s school outreach and Sponsor- and Adopt-A-Highway Programs, handle complaints or answer inquiries from the media and general public, write news releases, make presentations, produce newsletters and internal communications, conduct media interviews, monitor legislative activities, and provide public outreach to businesses and residences that may be affected by road projects. The state photographer is part of the public information staff as well, handling all taking, distributing, and organizing of photographs and video production.

Public Hearings/Meetings

NDOT Communications also coordinates public hearings and information meetings, which includes recording testimony, accepting written requests, scheduling meeting noticing, and responding to comments and public requests for information.


The multimedia section takes care of all NDOT printed materials, which includes graphic design, special mapping, photo manipulation, electronic presentations, and all mounting, laminating and framing.

Customer Service

NDOT is one of the few remaining agencies that still has a live person answering the main phone line during regular business hours providing direction, handling complaints, and answering questions; functions that are handled through NDOT's customer service staff.

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Nevada Department of Transportation
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Main Telephone: (775) 888-7000