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Overall Triennial DBE Goal

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The NDOT External Civil Rights Division establishes and oversees the implementation of the DBE Program as required. NDOT Sets an overall triennial DBE goal every 3 years. This overall goal is established based on the results of a Disparity Study that NDOT conducts about every five (5) years.  All federally funded projects shall be evaluated for a project DBE goal. Project goals are used to meet the overall goal.

The following goals have been approved for NDOT by the indicated USDOT Funding Agency:

Funding Agency Federal Fiscal Timeframe Overall
DBE Goal
Race Conscious % Race Neutral %
 FHWA  2017-2019  4.5%  3.58%  0.92%
 FTA  2018-2020  0.92%  0.00%  0.92%