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Local Public Agency (LPA) Title VI Training Modules

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Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies

 Welcome to Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies, a transportation resource designed to help local          agency professionals navigate the Federal-aid Highway Program. Federal-aid Essentials is structured for busy           agency staff who want further understanding of Federal-aid policies, procedures, and practices. You will find quick    answers, straight to the point, and presented in plain language to help you make the right decisions in successfully  completing federally funded projects.

 The Federal-aid Essentials Web site contains a resource library of informational videos and related materials.            Readily accessible and available when you need an answer, each video addresses a single topic presented in every  day language-condensing the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid Highway Program into easy-  to-understand concepts and illustrated examples. This Web site allows you to indicate areas of interest and receive  alerts when material that matches your interests becomes available. You also can give feedback that will help FHWA  continue to provide useful assistance.

 Federal-aid Essentials can become your personal reference library available 24 hours a day. Consult Federal-aid    Essentials at the start of a new roadway project concept, or when questions arise about financing, right-of-way, or    environmental impacts. Or, you may have a concern about Civil Rights, or a need for more information on project      development or construction administration. You may simply want to review the process to closeout a project.            Federal-aid Essentials offers a wide range of video modules to address questions and concerns.

 Start here: for help managing your next Federal-aid transportation project. Topics include:

 NDOT is knowledgeable about Federal-aid projects and is your primary resource for complying with Federal              requirements. Federal-aid Essentials includes a comprehensive directory of State Resources, consisting of links to    local program Web sites, manuals, references, local technical assistance programs, and local program coordinators.  Federal-aid Essentials helps you pursue better, faster and smarter ways of delivering the Federal-aid program, with  the overall goal of ensuring a strong, safe infrastructure serving the public interest.