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Freight Planning

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A freight truck drives through mile marker 22 in White Pine CountyThe Freight Planning Section develops strategies, policies, and methodologies that work to improve the freight transportation system in Nevada.

The Freight Planning section continues to coordinate public-private, state-local, and state-federal freight transportation investment decisions and activities on a statewide basis. Promoting economic development and related job growth requires regional economies to maintain existing business and attract new ones.

Access to efficient freight transportation is a key element in business site selection. Competing in the global market environment has raised the importance of efficient, reliable supply chains and the transport systems they rely upon. Freight transportation plays a critical role in company decisions about site selection and expansion. Diversifying Nevada’s economy remains a key theme for economic development in the state, and taking advantage of Nevada’s modal transportation assets is a part of the state’s strategic plan for supporting economic development and by providing a better transportation system for Nevada through our unified and dedicated efforts.

Freight Advisory Committee

A Freight Advisory Committee (FAC) meeting is convened quarterly (on the first Tuesday of the month) to consider all ongoing NDOT studies and initiatives. All interested public agency and private industry representatives are encouraged to attend at one of six NDOT video-conference facilities around the State, or via a webinar link. Agendas will be posted approximately one month in advance of each meeting indicating the topics to be discussed and information on how and where to attend.




August 8, 2018



November 6, 2018


FAC Summary Nov 2018

February 5, 2019

FAC Agenda Feb 5th

FAC Summary Feb 5, 2019

May 7, 2019

FAC Agenda May7th

FAC Recorded Minutes

August 6, 2019

FAC Agenda Aug 6th

FAC Recorded Minutes 8/6/19

November 5, 2019

FAC Agenda Nov 5th

 FAC Recorded Minutes - Nov 2019

 February 4, 2020  FAC Agenda Feb 4th  FAC meeting Presentation 2/04/20
August 4, 2020    

Studies and Documents

Truck Parking Plan

Nevada Truck Parking Implementation Plan (TPIP) was developed to plan for expanding, improving, and integrating freight truck parking and truck parking communications systems in response to rising demand, changing hours of service requirements, and safety standards defined in Jason’s Law. When implemented, these improvements will provide adequate and safe public truck parking where it’s most needed, full-service private truck facilities, and real-time truck parking availability information. Draft Final Report document is posted below:

Truck Parking Implementation Plan  August 22, 2019

Truck Parking Implementation Plan Executive Summary August 22, 2019


hazmatHazardous Commodity Flow Study documents hazardous material transportation routes and modes in Nevada to help local, regional, state and federal response authorities to better understand the volumes and nature of hazardous material movement in the state.




  • Nevada State Freight Plan (2016) identifies potential infrastructure improvements and/or polices to facilitate efficient freight movement throughout the State of Nevada, with the ultimate goal of providing the state with a competitive advantage that will result in a growing and diversifying economy.


 A map and information on available truck parking and facilities on major highways that cross the State. This information is updated as information changes or becomes available.



 Prior Studies and Documents

  • Freight Assessment Project (2013) completed an initial freight assessment study preparatory to developing a new Nevada State Freight Plan. This effort included the evaluation of recent planning efforts to identify issues, concerns, and opportunities regarding freight movement in the state, as well as to determine the effectiveness of any previous recommendations that have been implemented. The assessment also evaluated the freight industry from an economic perspective and identified areas for potential growth and development.

  • The Goods Movement Study (2000) A freight truck as seen through the passenger-side mirrorreport summarized Nevada’s initial attempt to examine the state’s freight transportation system, with an eye on how to best utilize Nevada’s freight strengths in the economic development and economic diversification process


For More Information:

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Freight Planning Section
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