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When are Oversized or Overweight Vehicle Permits Required?

Over Dimensional Vehicle (ODV):

 All non-reducible (non-divisible) vehicle combinations or loads that:
  • Exceed 80,000 pounds gross weight; or
  • Exceed 8 feet, 6 inches in width; or
  • Exceed 14 feet in height; or
  • Exceed 10 feet of front or rear overhang; or
  • Exceed 70 feet in length.

Shorter Overweight Vehicle (SOV):

 All reducible (divisible) vehicle combinations or loads that:
  • Qualify as a "commodity" (see NAC 484D.510); and
  • Exceed 80,000 pounds gross weight and do not exceed 70 feet in length; or
  • Do not qualify for Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) permits (see NRS 484D.615).

Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV):

 All reducible (divisible) vehicle combinations or loads that:
  • Exceed 70 feet in length.

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (Motor Carrier Division) for LCV permitting, as well as for truck registration and special fuel tax requirements.

General Permit Information

  • ODV Permits are issued only from the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Carson City Office.
  • Nevada has on-line or live operator permitting functions. There are no Ports of Entry or other locations issuing permits.
  • Permits when signed by the permittee become the original and must be carried at all times. No further copies are allowed.
  • Deadlines and processing times are described below for each permit category.
  • More stringent route restrictions than described below may be placed on permits.
  • Permittees are responsible for complying with any applicable instructions and route restrictions for Weight, Wide Loads, Long Loads, and Spring Thaw, as listed in NDOT letters of instruction.

 Current Letters of Instruction