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> New US-95/I-15 High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, including the Spaghetti Bowl flyover, Opened in Las Vegas on May 20th. {Click for HOV Do’s & Don’ts}

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Annual Permit Application

Annual Permit Application

Self-Propelled Vehicle Application

Self-Propelled Vehicle Application

Annual ODV Permits - Fee $60

(maximum allowable dimensions shown)

Weekdays during Hours
of Daylight
24 hours a day,
7 days a week,
365 Days a year
Width 14' 12'
Height 15' 15'
Length 110’ 110’
Overhang 25' 15'
Weight Purple Under 7 Axles Purple Under 7 Axles

Valid for one year from date of issue.

NDOT’s goal is to provide 7-day service on annual permit requests whether first-time or renewal. Permittee may apply online, fax or in the office.

NDOT highly recommends that permittees plan at least 30 days in advance of any desired movement or lapse of any existing annual permit.

Five-Day ODV Permits – Fee $25

(maximum allowable dimensions shown)

Weekend Hours during Hours of Daylight Holiday Hours & Hours of Darkness Weekend Hours on I-15 and I-80
Width 14' 14' 14'
Height 15' 15' 15'
Length 110’ 110’ 110’
Overhang 15' 15' 15'
Weight Purple Purple Purple

NDOT’s goal is to provide same day service on Five-Day permit requests. The permittee is encouraged to apply one business day prior to any desired movement, either by telephone, online or in the office before 4:30 PM.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes are permitted in accordance with NAC 484D.625 (2b), NAC 484D.620 and NAC 484D.690.

Special Purpose ODV or Super Load ODV Permits

(Dimensions Exceeding those permissible with an Annual or Five-Day Permit)

Two Lanes  Four Lanes
Width 17' 19'
Height 18' 18'
Length 200’ 200’
Weight 500,000 lbs. 500,000 lbs.
  • Permits are considered on a case-by-case basis for exceptionally large or heavy vehicle combinations or loads.
  • See NDOT Instruction 14-1 for details and exceptions.
  • Must apply at least 5 days in advance by telephone or in person at 1263 South Stewart Street, Carson City, NV.
  • Valid for five days – one trip only.
  • Fees start at $25. Additional coordination within NDOT and with other agencies is normally required in these cases, and additional costs may be incurred and billed to the permittee.