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Welcome to the Nevada Department of Transportation’s careers/jobs page. NDOT offers a wide variety of positions that, as a whole, strive to not only be the employer of choice, but to make its transportation system as efficient as possible.

To view all open positions and submit an online application, visit  Nevada Applicant Processing & Placement System (NVAPPS). This link will take you to the Nevada Department of Personnel’s recruiting site.

Thank you for your interest in the Nevada Department of Transportation. Learn more about the department and check out the video below for additional information.

Public Service Internship and Rotational Engineer Programs

NDOT Public Service Intern Jessica RigglemanMany NDOT employees began their career as paid Public Service Interns before transitioning to full-time positions. For recently-graduated engineers, the Rotational Engineer program provides employees with a wide-array of invaluable experiences and mentoring throughout the different divisions at NDOT. Many current NDOT employees in managerial and supervisory positions began their careers as Rotational Engineers.

To learn more about these programs and have an NDOT employee contact you, click here.

NDOT's Leadership Academy for Employees

The Nevada Department of Transportation has developed an internal Leadership Academy designed to help all NDOT employees develop leadership skills and gain knowledge needed to move NDOT forward in the 21st century. These are exciting times to be at NDOT as we embrace the evolution of transportation and technology.

It’s important to remember that as challenges create opportunity, NDOT has the ability as a workforce to build the quality of life we are seeking. This is done through relationships: relationships with colleagues, with stakeholders, with partners, and with each other. It’s about managing our resources and assets, and it’s about leading each other forward.  It’s something we need to do as employees progress to management positions .

NDOT’s Leadership Academy leverages The Leadership Challenge®, an internationally-recognized program that has its basis in extensively-researched leadership practices. The program’s success is directed by the following Mission, Vision, and Goals:


Use the 5 Leadership Practices in support of the Leadership Academy and in the conduct of all our workplace endeavors.

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart


Develop, promote, inspire, and apply leadership principles consistent with NDOT’s mission.


  1. Inspire a common direction
  2. Provide a common language of leadership and management
  3. Promote excellence in management practices
  4. Motivate action in concert toward NDOT goals
  5. Set an example for each other, and our future leaders and managers
  6. Succession planning strategy
  7. Develop and encourage a culture of accountability