Transportation Board of Directors

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A calendar of State Transportation Board of Directors meetings is available on the transportation board meeting page. Meeting notices and agendas are posted in accordance with Nevada’s Open Meeting Law. 

About the Transportation Board of Directors 

The Nevada Department of Transportation is overseen by a Board of Directors, chaired by the Nevada state governor. The Board meets once per month to discuss department news and updates. Requests for funding are reviewed, and a public comment session is open for those who wish to address the Board with their concerns.

Transportation Board Meeting Resources

The Transportation Board of Directors oversee a department committed to transparency to the public. As stewards of public funding, NDOT seeks to provide easy-to-access resources.

Construction Working Group Resources

The Construction Working Group (CWG) meets quarterly, approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of that day's Board of Directors meeting. Before the meeting, an agenda and any additional resources are posted to that month's folder on the CWG Resources page.

The CWG is composed of select Transportation Board of Directors members and NDOT staff. Discussions are had in greater detail than what time would allow at Transportation Board meetings. 

Nevada Transportation Board of Directors

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