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Research Reports

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342-18-803 TO 1 Data Collection and Analysis of Crossing Structures Along West I80 and USA Parkway in Nevada 
342-18-803 TO 2  Development of Nevada Highway Fencing GIS Database 
592-18-803  Autonomous Vehicle Feasibility Study 
701-18-803 TO 1  TPF-5(358) Cost Effective Solutions: Incorporating Wildlife Passive Use Values in Collision Mitigation Benefit-Cost Calculations 


Report No.
224-14-803 TO 8  Resilient Modulus Prediction Models of Unbound Materials for Nevada 
224-14-803 TO 9 Development of In-Place Density Method for Cold In-Place Recycling
224-14-803 TO 12  Improving the Long-Term Performance of Concrete Bridge Decks using Deck and Crack Sealers 
224-14-803 TO 14  Field Test of a New Mobile System for the Collection of Crash and Citation Data in Nevada
224-14-803 TO 15  High-Resolution Micro Traffic Data From Roadside LiDAR Sensors for Connected-Vehicles and New Traffic Applications 
224-14-803 TO 16  Use of Nevada's Natural Pozzolans to Mitigate Alkali-Silica Reactivity 
224-14-803 TO 17  Prototyping and Field Testing of a Demand-Responsive Rumble Strip Mechanism 
361-16-803 Characterization of Unbound Materials (Soils/Aggregates) Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)
364-16-803  Evaluation of Soil Water Characteristic Curves (SWCC) in Pavement ME for Nevada’s Unbound Materials
365-16-803 Adapting a Culture for Performance Management at the Nevada Department of Transportation
557-13-803 Evaluation of the Benefits of Open-Graded Friction Course (OGFC) on NDOT Category-3 Roadways
604-16-803 Prioritization of Wildlife-Vehicle Conflict in Nevada
638-16-803  A Streamlined and Automated Procedure for Identifying No-Passing Zones Using Existing Resources Available to the Nevada Department of Transportation 
643-15-803  Development of Mix Design and Structural Design Procedures for Cold In-Place Recycling 

State-of-the-Practice in Chip Seal, Slurry Seal, Micro Surfacing, and Thin Lift Asphalt Overlay Construction Quality Assurance


Report No.
224-14-803 TO 4
Correlation of Shear Design Between AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and AASHTO Guide Specifications for the LRFD Seismic Bridge Design
224-14-803 TO 6 (2)  High-Early-Strength High-Performance Concrete for Rapid Pavement Repair
224-14-803 TO 10 Correlation Analysis of Freeway Traffic Status and Crashes with Nevada Data
224-14-803 TO 11 Cost and Ecological Feasibility of Using Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Highway Bridge Piers
224-14-803 TO 13 Thermal Gradients in Southwestern United States and the Effect on Bridge Bearing Loads
362-16-803 Development of Revised Grade Crossing Hazard Index Model
450-15-803 Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS): Phase 3
528-14-803 Development of a Nevada Statewide Database for Safety Analyst Software 
555-14-803 Development of Earthquake-Resistant Precast Pier Systems for Accelerated Bridge Construction in Nevada
556-14-803 Analytical Investigation into Bridge Column Innovations for Mitigating Earthquake Damage

Development and Calibration of Regional Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models for the Estimation of Traffic Performance Measures in Nevada

609-13-803 Mechanistic-Based Pavement Damage Associated Cost from Oversize and Overweight Vehicles in Nevada
665-15-803 Phase I: Evaluation of Low Flexural Strength for Northern Nevada Concrete Paving Mixtures


Report No.
019-13-803 Correlation of In Situ Test Data with Shear Strength for Deep Foundation Design
048-15-803  Development of a Statewide Pilot Project for Standardized TIM Performance Measurement and Reporting
079-13-803 Development of Specifications for Engineered Cementitious Composites for Use in Bridge Deck Overlays
122-12-803 Post-Earthquake Assessment of Nevada Bridges Using ShakeMap/ShakeCast
224-14-803 TO 6 (1) In-Depth Investigation of the System Currently Used by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to Store and Process Crash Data and All Other Interconnected Systems
224-14-803 TO 7 Right-Turn Traffic Volume Adjustment in Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
327-12-803 Use of GEOGRID for Strengthening and Reducing the Roadway Structural Sections
513-13-803 Evaluation of New Innovations in Rubber-Modified Asphalt Binders and Rubberized Asphalt Mixes for Nevada DOT
LRFD resistance factor calibration axially loaded drilled shafts in the Las Vegas Valley
530-14-803 Phase I: Minimization of Cracking in New Concrete Bridge Decks
554-14-803 Toward Successful Implementation of Prefabricated Deck Panels to Accelerate the Bridge Construction Process


Report No. Title
Investigation of an innovative maintenance contracting strategy: the performance-based maintenance contract (PBMC) 
054-15-803 Influencing Factors on Conflicts of Turning Vehicles and Pedestrians at Intersections
061-12-803 Assessment of In-situ Corrosion Conditions at Nevada Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall Sites: Using Electrochemical Soil Characteristics and Linear Polarization Resistance
078-13-803 Post-Tensioning Duct Air Pressure Testing Effects on Web Cracking
096-13-803 The Behavior and Durability of Self-Consolidating Concrete
101-10-803 Effectiveness of Wildlife Crossing Structures to Minimize Traffic Collisions with Mule Deer and Other Wildlife in Nevada
123-13-803 Right-Turn Traffic Volume Adjustments in Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
196-13-803 Field Test of Slow Moving Traffic Alerting System on Freeways in Las Vegas, Nevada - Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Dynamic Message Signs on the Freeways in Las Vegas, Nevada
206-10-803 Develop a PWL System for Dense Graded Hot Mix Asphalt Construction, Including Pay Factors
512-13-803 Traffic Prediction and Responses through Data Mining and Data Stream Processing
Investigating the decision-making processes that contribute to impaired driving
527-14-803 Automated Pedestrian Detection, Count and Analysis System
530-13-803 Streamlining Hydrologic Prediction Processes Using New and More Accurate Techniques and Methods --Technical Memorandums
531-13-803 Comparing the Direct Costs and Infrastructure Implications of Anti-Icing Strategies


Report No.
001-13-803 Development of an Analysis Tool for Evaluation of Marginal Impacts of Freeway Incidents in the Las Vegas Area Using FAST’s Dashboard Freeway Data
Developing a Strategic Plan for Nevada DOT to Implement Innovation through Research and Development
095-13-803 Next Generation Performance Monitoring Data Needs for Nevada DOT
163-11-803 Maintenance Decision Support System: Pilot Study and Cost-Benefit Analysis (Phase 2)
202-11-803 Maintenance Decision Support System: Pilot Study and Cost-Benefit Analysis (Phase 2.5)
297-10-803 Driving Simulator Project

The Ability of a Land Ferry System to Alleviate the Increasing Costs of Maintaining the I-80 Transportation Corridor: An Economic Assessment

340-13-803 Innovative CO2 LASER-Based Pavement Striping and Stripe Removal
341-13-803 Development of Software Tools for ADA Compliance Data Collection, Management, and Inquiry
342-13-803 Development of a Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Northern Nevada
415-13-803 Development of a Tool for an Efficient Calibration of CORSIM Models
493-12-803 Estimating Sediment Losses Generated from Highway Cut and Fill Slopes in the Lake Tahoe Basin
528-12-803 The Effectiveness of Driver Education and Information Programs in the State of Nevada


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RDT 13-001
Calibration of CORSIM models under saturated traffic flow conditions
255-11-80 Guidelines for Speed Reduction in Towns Along Rural Highways
295-10-803 I-15 North Project
300-12-803 Evaluation of Geometric Design Needs of Freeway Systems Based on Traffic and Geometric Data
339-12-803 Enhancing NDOT’s Traffic Safety Programs


Report no.  title
032-10-803 Unbonded Prestressed Columns for Earthquake Resistance
079-10-803 Nevada Roundabout Implementation Guidelines
113-08-803 Impact of System Expansion on Maintenance Resources
236-11-803 Signal Timing and Coordination Strategies Under Varying Traffic Demands
284-10-803 Safety and Guidelines for Marked and Unmarked Pedestrian Crosswalks at Unsignalized Intersections in Nevada


Report no.  title
047-08-803  Tree Crown Mortality Associated with Roads in the Lake Tahoe Basin: A Remote Sensing Approach 
092-09-803 Applicability of Adaptive Traffic Control Systems in Nevada’s Urban Areas
236-09-803 Analysis, Modeling and Design for Traffic Incident Management Systems


Report no.  title
RDT 10-001
Non-sacrificial, anti-graffiti coating 2009 evaluation
2010-01 Investigation of corrosion of MSE walls in Nevada
  Assessment of Alternative Energy Applications at the Nevada Department of Transportation
038-08-803 Evaluation of Video Detection Systems and Development of Application Guidelines at Signalized Intersections
348-07-803 Project cost estimation for planning


Report no.  title
RDT 09-001 SafetyAnalyst testing and implementation
RDT 09-002  Evaluation of safety and development of guidelines for protected/permitted left-turn signal controls
114-08-803 Evaluation of Asphalt Bridge Deck Joint Systems
296-08-803 Feasibility of Using Video Cameras for Automated Enforcement on Red-Light Running and Managed Lanes


report no.  title
RDT 08-001
Winter maintenance improvements : phase I
RDT 08-001 Exploring alternative strategies for the rehabilitation of low-volume roads in Nevada
RDT 08-003
Strain wedge model computer program for piles and large diameter shafts with LRFD procedure
077-06-803 Prescriptive mixture design of self-consolidating concrete
  Techniques to improve safety and operations at signalized diamond interchanges in Nevada
075-06-803 Testing and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Advanced Technologies for Work Zones in Nevada
080-07-803 Reflective Cracking of Flexible Pavements Phase I and II Final Recommendations
173-06-803 The Tire Noise Performance of Nevada Highway Pavements: On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) Measurements


Report no.  title
RDT 07-001 Evaluating the effectiveness of continuous shoulder rumble strips in reducing "ran-off-roadway" single-vehicle crashes
CCEER-07-07  Report and user manual on strain wedge model computer program for piles and large diameter shafts with LRFD procedure


report no. title
RDT 06-002
Development of a seismic design method for reinforced concrete two-way bridge column hinges
RDT 06-005
Evaluation of strategies to control erosion along U.S. Highway 50 between Carson City and Lake Tahoe
RDT 06-008
Experimental study on installing tilted signs to prevent snow accretion on sign surfaces
RDT 06-010  Evaluation of wildlife warning systems and other countermeasures


report no. title
RDT 05-051
Seismic vulnerability evaluation and retrofit design of Las Vegas downtown viaduct 
RDT 05-052
Implementation of Superpave mix design and analysis procedures for the State of Nevada, Vol. V
RDT 06-001
Advancing durable pavement marking materials in Nevada
RDT 06-003
Development of a joint density specification phase II : evaluation of 2004 and 2005 test sections
RDT 06-004
Impact of construction variability on pavement performance
RDT 06-007
A study of fiber reinforced plastics for seismic bridge restrainers


report no. title
RDT 04-043
Development of a joint density specification phase I: literature review and test plan
RDT 04-044
Investigation of temperature segregation in the state of Nevada
RDT 04-047
Design and construction of NDOT 2001-2003 superpave test sections
RDT 04-048
Development of criteria to identify pedestrian high crash locations in Nevada
RDT 04-049  Development and implementation of a scour monitoring program for selected bridges crossing the Truckee River
RDT 04-050
Impact of construction variability on pavement performance
RDT 06-006
Evaluation of effectiveness of three types of highway alignment best management practices for sediment and nutrient control
  Nevada DOT tire/pavement noise study


report no. title 
RDT 03-033  Creep and shrinkage losses in highly variable climates
RDT 03-034
Evaluation of new pavement technologies in Nevada
RDT 03-036
Performance of Superpave and HVEEM Sections in Nevada Volume IV
RDT 03-037
Evaluation of new pavement technologies in Nevada
RDT 03-042
Study of flexible delineator post performance and revision of existing pre-qualification specifications
RDT 04-046
A study of shape-memory-alloy reinforced beams and cubes 
  Study of flexible delineator post performance and revision of existing acceptance criteria


report no.  title
RDT 02-029 Mapping Ecosystems Along Nevada Highways and the Development of Specifications for Vegetation Remediation 
RDT 02-030
A preliminary study of shake table response of a two-column bridge bent on flexible footings 
RDT 02-031  Evaluation of concrete mixes for filling the steel arches in the Galena Creek Bridge 
RDT 02-032  Comparative evaluation of simulation software for traffic operations 


report no. title
RDT 01-001 Evaluation of rehabilitation techniques for flexible pavements in Nevada 
RDT 01-006  Soundwall standards research for Nevada Vol.1 
RDT 01-006 Soundwall standards research for Nevada Vol. 2
RDT 01-008  Comparison of roundabout operations to four way stop and signal controlled intersections using NETSIM simulations
RDT 01-009
Performance of lime in hot mix asphalt pavements 
RDT 01-010  Early age shrinkage and cracking of Nevada concrete bridge decks 
RDT 01-027  Analysis and retrofit of fixed flared columns with glass fiber-reinforced plastic jacketing 
RDT 01-032 Removal and replacement of cast-in-place post-tensioned box-girder bridge
RDT 02-032 

Comparative evaluation of simulation software for traffic operations

1358-20 Performance of lime in hot mix asphalt pavements


report no.  title 
RDT 01-002  Shake table testing of flared bridge columns with steel jacket retrofit 
RDT 01-003  Dynamic testing and analysis of non-prismatic reinforced concrete bridge columns retrofitted with FRP jackets 
RDT 01-005  High-performance concrete using Nevada aggregates 
RDT 01-007  A study of open graded base course performance 
RDT 03-039  Evaluation of Rutting Resistance of Superpave and HVEEM Mixtures Volume I: Introduction and Background 
RDT 03-040  Evaluation of Rutting Resistance of Superpave and HVEEM Mixtures Volume II: Impact of Aggregate Gradations 
RDT 03-041  Evaluation of Rutting Resistance of Superpave and HVEEM Mixtures Volume III: Impact of Gyratory Compaction 


report no.  title 
RDT 95-006  Development of pavement network optimization system 
RDT 00-017  Development of pavement performance analyses and procedures 
RDT 01-000  Analysis of mid-block pedestrian crashes for the Las Vegas urbanized area 1995-1997
RDT 03-038  Design and construction of NDOT test sections on Interstate 80 
1276-2 Evaluation of rehabilitation techniques for flexible pavements in Nevada


report no. title 
RDT 99-002  Characterization of Nevada's binders and low temperature properties of mixtures using SHRP tests : part II. characterization of Nevada's binders using Superpave technology 


report no.  title 
RDT 95-014  Characterization of Nevada's 1993, 1994, and 1995 binders using SHRP tests 
RDT 97-001  Evaluation of rehabilitation techniques for flexible and rigid pavements in Nevada : part I. cost-effective rehabilitation of Portland Cement Concrete pavement in Nevada 
RDT 97-011  Sensitivity analysis of fatigue evaluation of steel bridges 
RDT 97-016
Evaluation of crumb rubber modified paving mixtures in the state of Nevada 
RDT 97-018  Development of a low-cost automatic vehicle classification (AVC) system 
RDT 97-019  In-situ stiffness and damping of spread footings and pile foundations in bridges in northern Nevada 
RDT 97-020  Permeability changes in soil due to fill loading and its effect on the groundwater flow regime 
RDT 01-004  Effects of confinement and flares on the seismic performance of reinforced concrete bridge columns 


report no.  title 
RDT 96-022  Impact of aggregate gradations on mixtures performance 


report no.  title 
RDT 95-012  Nonlinear bridge abutment stiffnesses : formulation verification and design curves 


report no.  title
RDT 94-013  Regional, long-term assessment of channel stability along the Truckee River, Nevada, from Verdi to Pyramid Lake : implications to the potential for catastrophic bridge failure 


report no.  title
RDT 93-015
Headlight glare screen panels cold temperature performance impact test 
RDT 93-021  Development of performance curves for pavement rehabilitation and maintenance treatments 


report no.  title 
RDT 92-028  A study of prestress changes in a post-tensioned bridge during the first 30 months


report no.  title 
RDT 91-023  Type II coarse gradation asphalt concrete permanent deformation (creep) study 
RDT 91-024
Evaluation of low temperature properties of typical NDOT mixtures 
RDT 91-025 Evaluation of FWD data for NDOT overlay design procedure 
RDT 91-026  Evaluation of 1988 Chip Seal Test Sections on US 50 between Fallon and Silver Springs, Nevada 

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