Current and Recently Completed Projects

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Project number Project name Status
361-16-803  Characterization of Unbound Materials (Soils/Aggregates) For Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)  Completed 
364-16-803 Evaluation of Soil Water Characteristic Curves (SWCC) In Pavement Me for Nevada’s Unbound Materials Completed
365-16-803  Investigation of Stakeholder Perspectives of Performance Management (PM) Monitoring and Reporting as a Nevada Department of Transportation Business Practice  Completed 
366-16-803  Development of Specifications for High-Performance Fiber Concrete for Nevada  In Process 
557-14-803  Development and Calibration of Regional Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models for the Estimation of Traffic Performance Measures in Nevada  Completed 
604-16-803 Prioritization of Wildlife-Vehicle Conflict in Nevada Completed
607-17-803 Developing a Quality of Signal Timing Performance Measure Methodology for Arterial In Process
608-17-803 Lateral Analysis of Guidelines for Drilled Shafts in Nevada based on LRFD Framework In Process
638-16-803 A Streamlined and Automated Procedure for Identifying No-Passing Zones using existing resources available to the Nevada Department of Transportation Completed
643-15-803 Development of Mix Design and Structural Design Procedures for Cold In-Place Recycling Completed
667-15-803 Improving Strain Wedge Model Capabilities in Analyzing Large Diameter Drilled Shafts Subjected to Later Loading in Nevada Soils In Process