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Signals, Lighting & ITS (SLI)

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McCarran TS_SoftedgeSupport the Division by providing contract documentation to install planned Signals, Lighting and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that will collect information allowing NDOT Maintenance, Emergency Services and Nevada drivers to make preemptive and safe decisions. We strive to be the lead resource for both standard and innovative uses of signals, lighting and ITS components that increase safety and connectivity.A photo of a truck driving through a tunnel

Our goals are to:

  • Follow established standards and guidelines
  • Include all stakeholders in project decisions
  • Support NDOT Divisions, Districts, and local agencies
  • Enhance organizational and workforce development

Our primary activities include incorporating signals, lighting and ITS design into contract A photo of a traffic lightplans, special provisions and estimates.  We conduct technical review of consultant designs, permits and material submittals.  Additionally, we provide construction support and perform signals, lighting and ITS component testing.    

To access a listing of electronic traffic related products compliant with state and federal funding, click the link below:

Certifications and Public Interest Findings


S_L_ITS_Design_COVER Signals, Lighting, and ITS Design Guide

Checklist623 SLI Test Procedures 

Contact Information

Kevin Maxwell, P.E., CPM - Manager 1 Signals, Lighting, & ITS
Phone: (775) 888-7087