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Location supports the Department of Transportation and public need for Nevada Professional Land Surveys, geospatial data, area maps, and CADD mapping.

Geospatial Data

Geospatial Data products include Nevada State Map Sales, Nevada GIS geodatabases, and aerial photography of Nevada.

General Cartography and Map Sales are based at the Headquarters building in Carson City, this office is staffed by several cartographers who create and sell map products.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) section integrates common database and statistical analysis with maps.  Geodatabases provided here include information pertaining to the NDOT’s scope of activities, assets and boundaries lines for counties and districts.

Imagery Services acquires and processes aerial photographs plans flight missions, processes LiDAR fly-throughs and provides hard copies, enlargements and displays of digital imagery.


The Location Land Survey team assures quality land surveys within the Department of Transportation.  This section performs a variety of surveying tasks which include route reconnaissance studies, aerial photogrammetric control, control extension, construction control, topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys, route and alignment surveys, right of way surveys, cadastral surveys and LiDAR data acquisition.

Engineering Support

Engineering support products include survey control, alignment development, and original ground CADD surfaces and planimetrics using photogrammetric compilation, topographic surveys and LiDAR extraction.

Public Information