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Public SPONSORSHIP Programs

Rest Area Sponsorship Program

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NDOT is soliciting for companies to provide administration for its Rest Area Sponsorship Program and for sponsors of this program. Firms and organizations seeking business opportunity or recognition for community service through supporting rest area services on various numbers of NDOT rest areas do so through this program.

Sponsorship may include, but is not limited to, litter and debris pick-up, mowing, vegetation control, WI-FI, travel information centers, clean up of picnic areas, janitorial services at rest areas, or funding donations for such services. 

NDOT will recognize services and donations from businesses with acknowledgement signs.

Rest area sponsorship documents:

Overview presentation on rest area sponsorship

Full sponsorship opportunity information and concepts 

Map of all Nevada rest areas and amenities  

Inventory list of rest area maintenance activities 

Nevada Statewide Rest Area and Rest Stop Initiative

For further information, contact NDOT customer services manager Ed Wilson by e-mail or at (775) 888-7711.

Sponsor-A-Highway Litter Removal Program


Firms and organizations seeking recognition for community service through litter removal on high traffic volume urban freeways in the Las Vegas and Reno areas may do so through three prequalified contractors approved by the Nevada Department of Transportation for litter removal work in these urban areas.

The following links provide information about the Sponsor-A-Highway program and contacts to these three qualified firms.

For general information about Nevada’s Adopt-A-Highway and Sponsor-A-Highway Programs, please contact the Nevada Department of Transportation at 775-888-7000, by submitting comments on this web site or by email at info@dot.state.nv.us.

Adopt-A-Highway Program


  • The program was established in 1990 to allow nonpolitical organizations, corporations, volunteer groups, and individuals to participate in maintaining and enhancing Nevada’s highways through community service at no cost to the group.
  • It is similar to programs in more than 40 other states.
  • The program recognizes participants with commemorative signs installed at the adopted section of highway.
  • The program is intended and designed to be fun and educational; promote civic responsibility, community spirit, and camaraderie; and provide an opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile, while protecting the safety of volunteer participants and motorists.
  • It is designed to save taxpayer dollars.
  • It is designed to operate with a minimum of red tape and with minimum supervision by NDOT.
  • It is designed to allow participants to work responsibly and at their own convenience.

URTThe Adopt-A-Highway Program for community service groups and individuals applies to many types of highways. Our District Coordinators will work with you to find a segment of highway that is most desirable for your group.

On occasion, certain segments of highway are not suitable for volunteers because of traffic volume, shoulder size, visibility, terrain, side banks, access, frequency of pick-ups, or other safety reasons.

NDOT will let you know if a certain section of highway is adoptable for your purpose. If a section is un-adoptable, NDOT will help you identify alternative locations.

For More Information Call:

Southern Nevada – Las Vegas Area

Northwest Nevada – Reno

Northeast Nevada – Elko