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Training and Policies

Stormwater Training and Policies

NDOT has implemented a Stormwater Education Program as required by the MS4 permit.  This includes training, public education and outreach as well as public participation and coordination with government agencies.  NDOT initiated its Certified Stormwater Training program in October of 2011 and since then, has provided stormwater training to over 800 employees and consultant staff.

NDOT's MS4 Permit states:

NDOT is required shall implement a Stormwater Education Program that includes training, public education and outreach, public participation and involvement, and intra- and inter-governmental coordination. The goal of this program is to reduce or eliminate behaviors and practices that cause or contribute to adverse stormwater quality impacts.

NDOT shall implement an Employee Stormwater Training Program and shall outline the program in the SWMP. The program shall provide for NDOT’s employees identified in this permit to receive initial training within twelve (12) months of the effective date of this permit and refresher training at least once every three (3) years thereafter. NDOT shall also provide training to new staff within the first year of hire, and to existing staff when job responsibilities change to newly incorporate stormwater duties.

NDOT shall keep records of all employees who receive stormwater training.

NDOT shall provide stormwater awareness training to educate personnel at all levels of responsibility who are involved in activities that may impact stormwater quality and those staff who may come into contact with, or otherwise observe, an illicit discharge or illicit connection to the storm sewer system.

NDOT shall provide specific stormwater training to educate personnel who are directly involved in activities that may impact stormwater quality or that may generate or manage non-stormwater discharges. 

Preventing Stormwater Pollution Training Classes

The Nevada Department of Transportation and the Associated General Contractors/Nevada Contractors Association have collaborated to develop a two day, 16-hour construction site stormwater training course.  The course provides an overview of construction stormwater regulations, best management practices to minimize construction impacts to stormwater, and the Department’s policies for contractor compliance. This course is now required for NDOT construction contractors; however anyone with an interest in stormwater management is welcome to attend.  For more information, feel free to contact the Department at (775)-888-7013 or the Associated General Contractors/Nevada Contractors Association at (702)-796-9986.