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Mt. Rose Highway Repaving and Improvements Project

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The Mt. Rose repaving and improvements project will repave the highway and make guardrail, drainage and safety improvements on Mt. Rose Highway from Mt. Rose Junction (near Summit Mall) to Mt. Rose Summit.

Rumble strips will be installed to enhance driving safety in residential areas at the base of the highway. The approximately $10 million project will also include nearly 18,000 linear feet of new guardrail, as well as rock removal and mesh cover to reduce erosion-caused rock fall on one roadside slope. Construction began June 2 and is currently scheduled to end fall 2015.

Project Benefits

  • Repaving
  • Improved guardrail and concrete rail
  • Improved roadside drainage
  • Rumble Strips - in areas near base of Mt. Rose Highway
  • Rock scaling/mesh on slope - on westbound slope near summit

Mt. Rose Highway Pavement Preservation

The Mt. Rose Highway project is part of NDOT's Pavement Preservation Program that evaluates and proactively repairs or preserves roads at the optimum, most cost-effective time before they reach a point of needing more costly and time-intensive repairs.

Mt. Rose Highway is a mountainous road subject to extreme weather and precipitation that can seep into the roadbed and accelerate the deterioration of the pavement as it freezes and thaws. In addition, 12,000 to 16,000 vehicles travel the road daily.

Mt. Rose Highway was last repaved approximately 10 years ago. Pavement on the top section of the road from near the treeline to the summit has greatly deteriorated. Cracking on the road as well as rutting makes the road surface less skid resistant. Although the asphalt on the bottom section of the highway may not look as deteriorated as the summit area, careful analysis indicates the pavement in that area has fatigue cracks and other deterioration that needs to be proactively repaved before it becomes a more costly, time-intensive project.

Because of the heavy deterioration between the treeline and summit, NDOT is overlaying the top section of Mt. Rose Highway with 2 1/2 inches of plantmix, while the bottom portion will be repaved to a two-inch depth. Safety improvements also include rumble strips from Jones Creek to Wedge Parkway and crosswalk and pedestrian improvements at Thomas Creek.

Construction Updates

Mt. Rose Construction


Roadway grinding and paving work from Timberline Drive in the Montreux area to the Mt. Rose summit began Sept. 5. Single lane closures with pilot cars and delays of up to 30 minutes will coninue on the two-lane section of highway above the tree line. The paving work will take place night and day Sunday evenings through Friday afternoons and is scheduled to wrap up by mid October, weather permitting.


Project Timeline

Project began in early June and is currently scheduled to end in fall 2015.