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I-580 / U.S. 395

Carson City Freeway Project

Traffic Control/Project Update

  • Periodic overnight lane closures and reduced speed limits will take place on South Carson Street in both directions near Spooner Junction for roadwork to reconstruct the intersection for the future Carson City Freeway.
  • Additionally, a 4,500 foot long two-lane on-ramp will be constructed to connect northbound U.S. 395 to the new freeway. 
  • Lanes and ramps will also be constructed connecting the Carson City Freeway to southbound U.S. 395, U.S. 50 and northbound Carson Street. 
  • The future four-way intersection will be controlled by a traffic signal coordinated with surrounding signals for optimum traffic flow. 
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By late summer 2016: 

  • The project reached 50% completion
  • Over one million cubic yard of earth had been moved
  • 70% of the total 2.7 miles of new sound wall was complete
  • More than 20% of the landscape and aesthetic features had been placed including decorative figures and boulders
  • The entire extension had been graded and all roadway excavation complete
  • Aggregate base had been placed on all of the freeway mainline

The project is expected to complete, opening the final segment of freeway to traffic, by end of summer 2017.  


Current Project Information

Phase 2B Map, JPG

Phase 2 of the Carson City Freeway will add the remaining 4.9 miles of controlled access freeway from U.S. 50 East to the southern connection at the existing U.S. 50 West - Tahoe Junction / Carson Street intersection. The Freeway will also be designed for two lanes in each direction with provisions for future widening in the median.

Construct Freeway from Fairview Drive to South Carson Street (Phase 2B-3) 

Phase 2B-3 will construct the freeway from Fairview Drive to the signal at US 50/South Carson Street. Upon completion of this phase, the freeway will be open for travelers to use between Fairview Drive and South Carson Street. This project began in spring 2015. The construction duration for Phase 2B-3 is anticipated to last approximately 24 months and will consist of the following elements:

  • A four-legged at grade signalized intersection at US 50/South Carson Street
  • All remaining drainage facilities for roadway and offsite storm water runoff on the project, including drainage channels, a detention basin and box culverts
  • Roadway earthwork and final grading from Fairview Drive Interchange to South Carson Street, including major excavation and embankment.
  • Roadway paving
  • Landscaping
  • Sound walls
  • Signals, lighting, signing and pavement striping
  • Construction of sound walls
Carson City Freeway3

Project Benefits

• Completion of I-580 from Reno to Carson City
• Connect Carson City, the state’s capital, to the Interstate System
• Decrease congestion
• Shorter commute times
• Improve safety
• Accommodate projected local traffic
• Meet stakeholder/public transportation expectations
• Reduce idling and vehicle emissions
• Beautify the corridor

Previous Construction

Phase 1 of the project constructed the northern half of the Carson City Freeway. This approximately four-mile portion of the project starts north of Carson City near the East Lake Boulevard interchange in Washoe Valley. Existing U.S. 395 was widened in the northbound direction to provide for the addition of a truck-climbing lane up and over the hill coming out of Carson City to the East Lake Boulevard interchange. A median barrier rail was installed in this location to enhance safety. After connecting into existing U.S. 395 near Bonanza Road in north Carson, the freeway continues on new alignment to the point where it intersects with U.S. 50 East.

Snyder Avenue Bridge, Grading and Drainage Improvements (Phase 2B-2)

Phase 2B-2 began construction in early 2013 and completed in summer 2014. This phase of the Carson City Freeway consists of the following elements:

• Grade separated crossing (no freeway access) at Snyder Avenue, with Snyder Avenue constructed over the future freeway.
• Drainage facilities for roadway and offsite storm water runoff in the southern leg of the project, including drainage channels, detention basins and box culverts.
• Roadway grading in the southern leg of the project to accommodate drainage and utilize fill material from detention basins.
• Relocation of Carson City’s utility facilities impacted by construction. 

Future Construction

South Carson Street Interchange and Final Freeway Connection to US 50 (Phase 2B-4) Phase 2B-4, pending availability of funding, is expected to advertise for construction in the mid to late 2020's. Upon completion of Phase 2B-4, the construction of the I-580/U.S. 395 Carson City Freeway Project will be complete. This phase of the Carson City Freeway will construct the interchange at South Carson Street and consists of all remaining construction elements for the Carson City Freeway project, including:

  • South Carson Street interchange; including the construction of bridges over South Carson Street
  • Roadway earthwork and final grading on the west side of South Carson Street
  • Roadway paving
  • Landscaping
  • Retaining walls
  • Signals, lighting, signing and pavement striping

Project Contact

Jeff Lerud
(775) 443-7665