Handheld cell use illegal when driving

Meetings, Hearings and Notices

5-12-2016  A public update on Project NEON, Las Vegas, NV.

5-4-2016    A public discussion of the Craig Road Safety Management Plan.

4-28-2016   Reno Spaghetti Bowl Charrette (I-80/I-580/US-395 Interchange)

4-26-2016  Notice of Public Hearing for the SR 28 Bikeway and Improvements Project. Meeting Handout.

4-21-2016  Notice of Public Workshop to solicit comments on proposed regulation NAC 410.350.

4-20-2016  A public discussion of the 2nd Street and Arlington Avenue Safety Management Plan.  Click here for the meeting Handout.

4-19-2016  Federal Highway Administration Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI). Thirty day public review.  

 Click here for the approved draft E.A. document.

4-14-2016  A public discussion of the Cave Rock Tunnel Extension and Water Quality Project.  Click here for the meeting handout.


About Public Meetings

Every transportation decision affects somebody. Residents rely on the transportation system to move around their communities for work and pleasure.Visitors rely on the system to reach their destinations and return safely home.Businesses rely on the system to move products and materials around the state.In addition to their reliance on the system to meet transportation needs, all of these users have a stake in the transportation decision process.

An effective public involvement plan can foster understanding and cooperation between the Department and the public and help to develop a transportation system that meets real community needs. Click here to view NDOT's Public Involvement Plan (PIP).

The public is invited to attend public meetings and hearings at their convenience during scheduled meeting hours outlined in the meeting announcement. A series of meetings are conducted for proposed projects to inform and receive public comment.

In addition to any comments received at the meeting, written comments or questions can be mailed to the address noted on each meeting announcement or emailed to the Department's general information at info@dot.state.nv.us with the project name in the subject line. 


Julie Maxey
NDOT Public Hearings Officer
(775) 888-7171