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Vendor OpportunitieS

The Nevada Department of Transportation is soliciting proposals from firms that possess the qualifications and abilities to perform as needed services.

Current procurements are listed below, and the postings are updated on a regular basis. Documents are available in a PDF format for viewing or printing. Please follow submission instructions and pay particular attention to the closing date of each procurement. If a firm chooses to download procurements from this website, it is that firm’s responsibility to check for any supplemental notices to those procurements. Proposals received without addressing the changes from the applicable supplemental notices may be rejected.

Current RFPs, RFQs, RFIs and Unsolicited Proposals:

PROJECT NEON                   

      NDOT is pleased to announce the three shortlisted teams in alphabetical order: 

         Kiewit-Meridiam NEON Partners – Kiewit Development Company & Meridiam Infrastructure Neon, LLC  
           Las Vegas NEON Ventures – Las Vegas Paving Corporation & Macquarie Capital Group Limited
           NEON Mobility Group – ACS Infrastructure Development, Inc. & Fengate Capital Management, Ltd. & Star America Fund GP LLC

      P3 Industry Meeting Attendance List 7-25-13

      P3 Industry Meeting Presentation 7-25-13 

      Pre-final Base Concept Drawings can be found at: Project Neon 


Current Request For Proposals (RFP) - also see 'Open Procurements' on the left side of this web page   

RFP 151-14-010 - Plans, Hydrologic, and Hydraulics Studies for US 50 


Current Request For Qualifications (RFQ)


 Current Request For Information (RFI)


On-Call and Pre-Qualification Information:

The Nevada Department of Transportation will no longer have a Pre-Qualification of Engineering/Non-Engineering firms, or a Pre-Qualification for On-Call services.  All vendors will be pre-qualified during the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.  The qualification of vendors will be determined by the vendor's submitted proposal, and by the vendor's submitted Statement of Qualification form.  If you would like to be notified of a current RFP, please complete the “Vendor Bulletin Subscription” under the "Vendor Opportunities" tab on  www.nevadadot.com



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NOTE: If you would like a document e-mailed to you, please contact Administrative Services.

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