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Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Nevada Statewide Transportation Improvement Program

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Annually, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) develops a Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) covering all areas of the state. The STIP is the instrument used to implement the plans resulting from the statewide transportation planning process. NDOT administers and implements programs for the planning, development, construction, and operation of the state's transportation system.

NDOT's mission is to efficiently plan, design, construct and maintain a safe and effective seamless transportation system for Nevada's economic, environmental and social needs. The transportation planning process sets the stage for fulfilling this mission by balancing needs with limited resources. The planning process sets long-range funding strategies statewide, and the transportation needs identified are used in developing a financially constrained STIP.

FFY16-FFY19 STIP Project List

The Nevada Department of Transportation recently completed the new Electronic Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (eSTIP) and all projects for the FFY2016-FFY2019 can be found here:


Approved STIP - http://estip.nevadadot.com/default.asp


FFY2016 STIP Process

FFY2016 Tribal Transportation Program (TTP)

FFY2016 20 Year Fiscally Constrained Projection of Highway Receipts and Expenditures

FFY2016 STIP Certifications

NDOT Work Program

The Work Program lists transportation projects that NDOT intends to work on during the current fiscal year and a complete list of projects can be found here:

Approved Work Program - http://estip.nevadadot.com/default.asp?view_type=AWP

If you have any questions regarding the STIP or the Work Program, please contact the Program Development Office by phone, fax, email or mail:

Program Development Office Nevada Department of Transportation
1263 South Stewart Street
Carson City, Nevada 89712
Phone: 775-888-7121
Fax: 775-888-7105

Email: jspencer@dot.state.nv.us