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Boulder City Bypass

This proposed Boulder City Bypass project involves traffic improvements to U.S.93 in the Boulder City, Nevada area. The proposed project limits are between a western boundary at the end of Interstate 515 on U.S. 93/95 in Henderson near the Foothills grade separation approximately one mile north of the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino and an eastern boundary on U.S. 93, approximately 4.7 miles east of downtown Boulder City. The eastern boundary borders the western end of the U.S. 93 Hoover Dam Bypass project. 

U.S. 93 is a major regional commercial corridor for interstate and international commerce.  It is the single route through Boulder City and functions as a major urban arterial. It is also a direct north-south link between Phoenix and Las Vegas, which are two of the fastest growing areas in the United States.  It averages 32,000 vehicles per day of east-west traffic from Interstate 40 to Las Vegas and Interstate 15. U.S. 93, in combination with I-19 (Nogales to Tucson) and I-10 (Tucson to Phoenix), create a continuous Canada-to-Mexico corridor. In Nevada, U.S. 93/U.S. 95 is a four-lane divided facility from Las Vegas to the west study limits.

Within the study corridor, U.S. 93 varies from a four-lane divided roadway to a two-lane roadway with numerous business driveways and cross streets.   The highway project would provide overall transportation improvements by reducing traffic congestion and crashes and enhancing regional mobility, while maintaining or improving local access within Boulder City.

Project Benefits

  • Improves safety by eliminating a dangerous half-signal at U.S. 93 and Railroad Pass Casino
  • Improves operations for trucks from U..S 95 to U.S. 93
  • Improves operations for peak trips from Boulder City to Las Vegas
  • Improves local circulation
  • Reduces truck traffic through Boulder City
  • Completes initial bypass phase

Phase 1


Phase 1 extends from the Foothills grade separation to Silverline Road for a project length of approximately 2. miles. A visual simulation of the Railroad Pass interchange is shown below, depicting what it might look like when complete.  View a PDF of the visual simulation of the Railroad Pass interchange.

Simulation, Railroad Pass Interchange

The revised development of Phase 1 is currently broken into 3 packages:

Package 1: Right of Way setting for U.S. 93/U.S. 95 Freeway Improvements. 

Package 2: Construct the frontage road and utility relocations.  View a PDF of the Package 2 improvements map.

Boulder City Bypass Phase 1-Package 2 Oct 2013 JPG

Package 3: Construct realigned U..S 93/ U.S. 95 mainline to the intersection with the frontage road and the new interchange at Railroad Pass.
View a PDF of the Package 3 improvements map.

Boulder City Bypass Phase 1-Package 3A Oct 2013 JPG

Project Status

Package 2A (tortoise fencing and plant salvaging) was completed in summer of 2013.  This contract was administered to prepare for subsequent packages. 

Package 2B (frontage road construction and utility relocations) was advertised in fall 2013.  The contract had to be cancelled before bids were submitted due to the discovery of naturally occuring asbestos (NOA).  Package 2B will be added to Package 3 and advertised in the fall of 2014. 

NDOT and the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada are coordinating to deliver Phase 2 as a Design-Build contract delivery method.  The RTC is administering the Design-Build contract and is currently in the procurement process.  Please see the  Phase 2 webpage for an update.