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Automated Vehicles

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Daimler Automated Truck Test

From being the first state to issue a license to the Google Car to recent world premier automated trucking tests by Daimler and Pelton, Nevada has positioned itself as a leader in the exploding world of autonoumous vehicles.  And NDOT Research is in the heart of it, helping to organize these historic tests, and looking to the future to see what will be coming down the road next.  Stay tuned!

Nevada DOT Engineer Bush published in national journal

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Anita BushCongratulations to Anita Bush, PE, of Maintenance and Asset Management, for her recent Transportation Research Record publication of “Cold In-Place Recycling in Nevada”.  Anita co-authored this paper with UNR students S. Sanjeevan, M. Piratheepan and Dr. Elie Hajj. Their field evaluation compared the performance of recycling methods alone and those topped with Hot Mix Asphalt. Those with the hot mix overlay had less than half the cracking over ten years. The study also found that newer, solvent-free emulsions didn’t hold up as long as traditional ones. This research is among many that help NDOT use the most cost-effective materials and time-saving methods to stretch our budgets and provide the public with the best and safest travelling experience on our highways.

New NDOT Research Reports Page

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All NDOT research reports are now available in one place on our website.  New reports will be published on this page as well. 

We're happy to be sharing the results of Nevada's research with the wider transportation world and hope other states will benefit by what is accomplished at NDOT.

Revolutionary New Idea: The Land Ferry

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Land FerryCheck out this amazing new proposal from NDOT that could someday revolutionize long distance freight and passenger travel.  Dreamed up right here in Nevada!

Welcome new Planner/Analyst Angela Alter!

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Photo: Angela AlterPlease welcome Angela Alter to the Planner/Analyst positon in the NDOT Research Section.  Angela is a recent transplant from Tucson, Arizona. She has worked in a wide range of transportation functions ranging from calculating material take-offs, railroad operations, hazardous materials training, land-use planning and public participation.

What brought her up north? Alter says, “I’ve always enjoyed wearing many hats, so the variety of projects and programs here at NDOT were a big selling point. I hope my background will allow me to contribute to them all.”  In additon, she admits northern Nevada’s weather was a great appeal.  “A hundred days of more than a hundred degrees in Tucson had me hiding indoors. I was turning into a mole!” A former ski instructor in Washington State, Alter is looking forward to enjoying outdoors more. “I could even laugh when my second week here, I was being sprayed by the plows while putting chains on my car.”

Alter looks forward to exploring Nevada and would like to learn more about fellow NDOT employees’ favorite places and events. To share ideas or to discuss research results, please contact her at aalter@dot.state.nv.us or by phone at (775) 888-7223.


Transportation funding, the 2015 AASHTO Bottom Line Report

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2015 AASHTO Bottom Line Report

Fascinating discussion of this important report from guest blogger Gizachew Zewdu

Resource constraints and choice among competing uses has been, and continues to be, at the center of discussions concerning funding and budgeting.

The 2015 AASHTO Bottom Line Report outlines the future of transportation funding requirements. This report shows that “an annual investment of $120 billion for highways and bridges between 2015 and 2020 is necessary to improve the condition and performance of the system…” The report considers the likely impact of population growth and economic recovery on the rate of growth of annual vehicle miles of travel.

The $120 billion annual funding requirement is based on a 1.0 percent growth rate of vehicle miles of travel; if the rate increases to a 1.4 percent the required yearly funding increases to $144 billion a year.

On top of the $120 billion, an annual investment of $43 billion is needed for public transportation with an estimated 2.4 percent annual growth in transit passenger miles of travel.

The current level of annual funding for highways and bridges (2010) is $88.3 billion while the capital investment for transit (2011) from all levels of government totaled $17.1 billion.

The level of funding requirement described above (for 2015 – 2020) does not include highway operation investments, safety & security, and environmental mitigation costs for highways and transit capital projects estimated to total $10 billion per year.

Read the full report here.


820 ASCE e-books now available!

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The entire 820 volume ASCE e-book collection is now available to NDOT employees via the Research Library catalog.  This enirely full-text collection addresses all aspects of civil engineering and also includes ASCE’s popular industry standards.  Look for e-books when searching the catalog.  Click on the link to go to the full-text book.  It's that easy!



A list of of all 820 e-books is available from the Research Library catalog.