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Acceptance Criteria Update for Asphalt Release Agents

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Vendors who are interested in applying for NDOT’s Qualified Products List (QPL) category 401.03.02 ASPHALT RELEASE AGENTS, there is a change to the acceptance criteria that you need to be aware of.   Starting on 6/14/16 NDOT will now only accept Asphalt Release Agents which have undergone NTPEP testing and are listed on the Texas Department of Transportation’s current Material Producer List (MPL).  Texas’ MPL is posted online at http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-info/cmd/mpl/asphrel.pdf.

Current vendors of asphalt release agent products have been notified and this change will be reflected on the June update of NDOT’s QPL.  Please contact the Product Evaluation Coordinator at 775-888-7894 with any questions.


Driving Innovation on the Nevada Electric Highway

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Nevada Electric Highway

With the creation of the Nevada Electric Highway along US Route 95, electric car drivers are now able to safely and reliably drive the over 430 miles between Las Vegas and Reno.  A public-private partnership between the Governor's Office of Energy and NV Energy, the Nevada Electric Highway encourages private property owners, through the use of state grants, to host electric charging stations.  Many more of these stations are planned, making the all-electric drive that much easier in the future. 

With the Tesla "Giga-factory" in Reno, and now the Electric Highway, Nevada is emerging as a leader in the exciting world of electric vehicles. 

Please see the Governor's Office of Energy for more details.

Nevada to relax regulations on autonomous vehicles, but only a little

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Car of the Future

In 2011 Nevada became the first state to authorize and regulate autonomous vehicles.  A bold move, yet despite the popular imagination, there aren't really driverless cars zipping all over the Strip--yet.  The 2011 regulations authorized licensing for testing only, not motorists and commercial vehicles.

Progress takes time.  Now, four years later, the state is looking to relax those regulations. A new DMV proposed regulation would require only one person (not two) to be in a car while it is being tested and would allow people who may not qualify for a regular driver’s license, because they have a physical disability or other impairment, to test the vehicles with assistance.

Not exactly flashy, but it's still nice to see our state leading innovation in this exciting field.  

(Content taken from the Stateline article As Driverless Cars Hit the Streets, States Weigh New Rules.)

Four-state Virtual Peer Exchange Final Report Now Available

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 Four-state Virtual Peer Exchange

Nevada DOT’s most recent research peer exchange, which was held in November and December of 2015, was a multi-state exchange with four lead states – Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nevada.  The exchange was supported by the Texas Transportation Institute and done through a webinar format.  The exchange also included participants from several other DOTs, from FHWA headquarters and division offices, from several university partners, and two private consulting groups. A complete listing of participants is included on pages 3 and 4 of the report, which can be accessed here.  (Read our earlier post about the peer exchange from November 2015.)


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 Wildlife Overpass 
Photo: Wildlife Crossing

Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is accepting problem statements throughout the year. Problem statements submitted by anyone other than NDOT employees will need to have worked with an NDOT employee in developing the research problem statement so that the submitter understands the current NDOT practices (e.g., design methods used) before proposing ideas to improve the practices. The problem statements can be submitted using the research problem statements form on the website.

Although e-mail submissions are preferred, faxes (775-888-7203) and hardcopies are acceptable; you can submit electronic copies of your proposals to mkumar@dot.state.nv.us or mail hardcopies to:

Nevada Department of Transportation
Research Section
Attn: Manju Kumar
1263 S. Stewart Street
Carson City, NV  89712 

A Great Honor for the Library

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National Szechenyi Library
The Research Library was recently honored to be able to grant an interlibrary loan request to the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest, Hungary.  The Szechenyi is one of the two national libraries of Hungary.  

It is great to know that our library's relatively small collection is being noticed by other, far larger, libraries.  Through our interlibrary loan subscription we routinely obtain books, articles, CDs, etc., from other libraries.  It is always refreshing to be able to return the favor.  This, after all, is the point of interlibrary loan.  

We look forward to continue offering NDOT employees the best transportation collection possible!

Another Successful Pi Day!

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 Pi Day 2016       More Pi Day 2016       Yet More Pi Day 2016       And Even More Pi Day 2016           

We're happy to report that Pi Day 2016 was yet another resounding success!  This year we joined forces with our neighbors in Multimedia giving us more space than ever.  This was also a record year for pie donations, attracting over 200 employees.  We also gave away ten prizes from the Great Pi Day raffle.  Yet another record.

This is our 10th Annual Pi Day and our first in our new location. Pi Day is a great way to show off Research and the Research Library and we're proud to have the opportunity to throw the biggest party at NDOT all year!

We can't wait to see you in 2017, and feel free to bring a pie!