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Transit Programs

Elderly and Disabled (5310) Program



  • This program (49 U.S.C. 5310) provides funding for the purpose of assisting private nonprofit groups in meeting the transportation needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities when the transportation service provided is unavailable, insufficient, or inappropriate to meeting these needs. The funding requires a 20% local match.

    Eligibility Requirements: Eligible sub-recipients are private non-profit organizations, governmental authorities where no non-profit organizations are available to provide service, and governmental authorities approved to coordinate services.

    Eligible Activities: This program (49 U.S.C 5310) provides funds to: 1) serve the special needs of transit-dependent populations beyond traditional public transportation services, where public transportation is insufficicent, inappropriate, or unavailable; 2) projects that exceed the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); 3) projects that improve access to fixed-route service and decreased reliance on complimentary paratransit; and 4) projects that are alternatives to public transportation.

State Management Plan for the 5310 Program
FTA Circular: Transportation for Elderly Person and Persons with Disabilities