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Public transit in Nevada ranges from modern Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in urban areas to para transit buses providing service to the elderly and disabled located in remote locations.

Larger transit systems, operated under the Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), can be found in urbanized areas of Nevada such as Las Vegas (Regional Transportation Commision of Southern Nevada), Reno/Sparks (Regional Transportation Commision of Washoe County), Carson City, and Lake Tahoe. Outside of the urbanized areas, many Nevada residents depend on rural transit systems for connection to the urbanized areas as well as maintaining their quality of life. Buses in rural Nevada provide more than 1 million rides and travel over 5 million miles per year.

The NDOT Transit Section is responsible for helping in the creation and continuation of these services by administering the following Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Grants on an annual basis: Elderly and Disabled (5310), Rural and Small Urban (5311) and Bus and Bus Facilities (5339).

Through this grant funding, the NDOT Transit Section provides operating and capital assistance to several rural and small urban transit operations statewide including County Transit Providers, Indian Reservation Transit Services, Non-Profit Transit Providers, Intercity Providers, Senior Centers, and Non-Profit Rehabilitation Facilities.

Services include general fixed route public transit, demand response para transit services, intercity bus services, and daily rides for the elderly and disabled.

FTA program specific information and eligibility requirements:

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