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NDOT maintenance

Nevada Highway

NDOT Maintenance and Asset Management has an essential function and responsibility within NDOT to assist the agency in meeting its overall mission, core values and goals. The mission of this group and the maintenance districts is to assure that the Department-maintained highway system is maintained to as high a level as possible consistent with the resources, budget, work plan, policies and program objectives. 

Highway maintenance is defined as the preservation of roadway facilities in a safe and useable condition. NDOT’s maintenance work, exclusive of architectural services, are categorized into three areas:  

(1) Routine maintenance—work needed on a daily basis to repair damage to the highway system and perform operational activities which keep the traveling public moving in a safe and efficient manner. Examples are crack filling, striping, concrete repair, and culvert cleaning.

(2) Capital improvement—work that will slow down the deterioration or extend the life of the highway system. Examples are chip seal, cold in-place recycle, microsurfacing, bridge maintenance, slope flattening, and guardrail installation.

(3) Emergency activities—work needed due to accidents and natural disasters to stabilize and remediate travel ways and damaged structures. Examples are snow removal, traffic incident cleanup, flood damage repair and guardrail repair.

Map of NDOT Asphalt Zones & Maintenance Districts

To better maintain the expansive territory of Nevada, NDOT is divided into the following six Maintenance Sub Districts:  

  • District 1 - Las Vegas Sub District
  • District 1 – Tonopah Sub District
  • District 2 – Reno/Carson City Sub District
  • District 3 – Elko Sub District
  • District 3 – Ely Sub District
  • District 3 - Winnemucca Sub District

Contract Maintenance

NDOT maintenance may be performed by Department employees, by Contract or by other governmental agencies authorized by Department. The Department’s approach to highway maintenance has evolved to include more contracted maintenance over the years. In 2010, in response to the contracting industry and to better understand its maintenance outsourcing process, NDOT initiated a research study to determine the extent of maintenance outsourcing and recommended strategies. The result was presented in a report by Halcrow Inc. titled Cost and Benefit Study Associated with Outsourcing Roadway Maintenance Activities. NDOT will continue to work with industry partners to provide cost effective maintenance solutions. For more information regarding NDOT contract maintenance, see Contract Maintenance on Nevada Highway 2011 brochure.   

District Open Term Contract Program

picture of paving truck

The Liquid Asphalt O.T.C. Project Cost Calculator is provided for use by NDOT District personnel and asphalt suppliers to ascertain the projected costs of asphalt used in maintenance projects.  It is also used by the asphalt suppliers to calculate any fuel or asphalt escalation added to a project due to fluctuations in diesel and asphalt prices when invoicing.  

Download NDOT's Asphalt Price Calculator and the User Manual.

Download NDOT's Asphalt Zone Chart & Maintenance Districts Map.

Contact Information

Nevada Department of Transportation
Maintenance and Asset Management Division

1263 S. Stewart Street
Carson City, NV  89712

Main Telephone: (775) 888-7487
Fax: (775) 888-7106


Anita Bush, P.E., C.P.M.
Chief Maintenance and Asset Management Engineer

Mylinh Lidder, P.E., C.P.M.
Assistant Chief Maintenance and Asset Management Engineer

Dave Partee, P.E. 
Principal Asset Management Engineer 

Ross Baker, P.E.
Architecture Section Manager

Stephen Teed
Architecture Section Assistant Manager

Christopher Joncas
Emergency Operations Manager

Randy Cotter
Maintenance Management System Manager