Handheld cell use illegal when driving

Construction Administration Forms

General Forms

Available Forms
Form Description - PDF - - Word - - Excel -
Fringe Benefit Itemized Contributions/Deductions Statement PDF    
Resumption Letter   Word  
Suspension Letter   Word  

Change Order Forms


Available Forms
Form Description - PDF - - Word - - Excel -
Change Order No Signature 040-001a PDF   Excel
Change Order Signature 040-001 PDF   Excel
FHWA - Record of Authorization (Prior) PDF    
NDOT - Record of Authorization (Prior) 040-002 PDF   Excel


Final Documents


Available Forms
Form Description - PDF - - Word - - Excel -
ATSS 040-076   Word  
Checklist for Final Pickup PDF    
District Acceptance   Word  
District Relief of Maintenance   Word  
Final Report Cover PDF    
Guidelines for submitting As-Builts PDF    
Inventory of Final Documents PDF    
Contractors Past Performance     Excel



Payment Forms


Available Forms
Form Description - PDF - - Word - - Excel -
Bill of Lading Calc Sheet     Excel
Bi-Weekly Working Day 040-057     Excel
Calc Sheet 040-034 PDF    
Daily Costs of Force Account 040-008 PDF   Excel
Daily Record of Scale Weights (40-load) 040-009     Excel
Flagger and UTCO spreadsheet     Excel
Flagging and UTCO Sheet 040-036   Word  
Force Account Equipment Listing 040-033 PDF   Excel
Force Account Recap     Excel
Liquidated Damages worksheet for Asphalt     Excel
Liquidated Damages for Asphalt 040-077     Excel
Liquidated Damages for Liquid and Emulsified Asphalts   Word  
Lump Sum Payment Record 040-039   Word  
Material Deposit Usage Report 040-087 PDF    
New Equipment Watch Recap 040-040     Excel
Paving spreadsheet     Excel
Rent Equipment - Days spreadsheet     Excel
Rent Equipment - Hours spreadsheet     Excel
Rent Equipment - Month spreadsheet     Excel
Rent Equipment - Hrs, Days, Month 040-037   Word  
Roadway Aggregate spreadsheet     Excel
Stockpile Payment 040-015 PDF    
Vehicle Weight Limit 040-000 PDF    
Weekly Trainee Hours spreadsheet     Excel
Weekly Trainee Report 040-042     Excel